About Us

Your life is all about moments: Traveling through Europe after you graduated high school. Your daughter’s first steps. Your wedding day.

Life's Best wants you to capture those moments and never forget them. Re-live the route you took on that European trip. Watch the video of your daughter's first steps and read how you felt the moment he slipped the ring onto your finger. Keep track of your life’s best moments and share them with the people that matter. Learn more about yourself over time, and get new and exciting ideas from the community. We won't block your view with news feeds or advertising so you can enjoy your special place for all your memories.

It's amazing how many details of our lives we forget over the years because we forget to capture the moments and record how we felt about them. Or you may spend a huge amount of time on different sites checking in here and uploading pictures there. Think about how many of your experiences are spread out all over the Internet. Reviews of things you like such as travel destinations, hotels, movies, books, wine, etc. Wouldn't you like to keep these all in one place? With Life's Best, you and your family and friends can easily re-live these precious moments and feelings over and over with the comfort of knowing they are there to stay.

The company’s founder, Hugo Roseiro, always wanted to know about his family’s history. Hugo lost his father at an early age and was never able to hear his stories. That’s why Hugo created Life's Best, to record and share his best moments with the people he cares most about, in a single and easy to use application. Everything that matters in your life, on one platform, forever!

Why and how do other people use Life's Best?

  • Marta was born and raised in Italy. She loves cooking and always connected with her daughter Sara through food. Sara lives in New York now, so to keep this connection alive, Marta shares family recipes with her daughter Sara through Life’s Best Food category.
  • After recovering from a serious illness, Dave decided that creating memories with his son was more important than accumulating things. He shared his best pictures of their football trip to Manchester United with Lucas in the Sports category.
  • Janette loves to read science fiction and she likes to scroll through Life's Best community book entries to get some new book ideas.

Live your life, capture and share your best moments with Life's Best.