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Capture and share your life’s best moments

Your life is made up of moments. What you like, what you did, where you traveled, and more. Why not share it with those who matter most?
Keep it private, or share with your closest friends and family.
You’ll be able to easily share and personally categorize the moments that matter most to you, and look back on them for years to come.
With our simple tools, your life’s history is controlled by you - learn more about yourself with graphs; trace the places you've been with maps; and make life unforgettable.
Need fun and exciting ideas? Open up your world and learn from our community. Get inspired by their experiences and create new ones.
These are your life’s best moments. Never forget them.

How it works

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key features


See a quick overview of your life: what you’ve done in the past week, month, year, and even more. See where you’ve done most of your activities, track your progress in visual graphs, and challenge yourself to experience more categories.

Journal and diaries

Create a diary entry, organize it by category, and come back to read it at any time. Your diary can be used for a variety of life’s best moments: track a pregnancy, a child’s development through the years, where you traveled, and much more!

Profile Graph and Map Pin's

Learn something new about yourself while checking out your Profile Graph. What cuisine do you like to eat the most? How about your favorite music genre? Or, where have you traveled? With the Profile Graph and Maps, discover yourself and how you changed over time!